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Catalog Number: TF08
Release Date: 1-18-2013
Artwork by: Marco Rea
Layout by Collins and Crystal Labs
Mastered by Rob Small
Total Running Time: 35:37


Animal Magnetism

Collins is a producer, DJ, sound designer and song writer from Ireland now based in Rio de Janeiro. His DJ career started in the 90’s, where he mixed techno on vinyl in the underground clubs of Dublin. After a relocation to London in 2002, he played in numerous clubs across Europe and competed in various DJ contests, winning 1st place awards in the “Mixmag Future Heroes” and “Turnmills Stomp” competitions.

In 2006, he purchased a midi controller and computer with which he began to produce and write his own tracks. His influences are wide and varied from The Beach Boys to Daft PunkNirvana to MPM Soundtracks,Depeche Mode to Kavinsky, with blogs such as the Valerie CollectiveSynthetix, Uncle TNUCElectronic Rumours, and Future City proving inspirational in the continous development of his sound and vision. Today he uses a combination of Moog hardware and VST instruments in Ableton Live.

“January, 2013, Ipanema; As I sit here now, trying to recall the events from 30 years ago, in that spring of ’83, that led to my journey into the darkness of an unanswered love. A darkness so sweet and captivating, I wished never to return. The memories, though vague at best, are trapped, haunting the deep recesses of my mind. This is what they sound like…”