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Catalog Number: TF01
Release Date: 5-31-2012
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 30:10


ultim8 rave classiqs, vol. 1

In the midst of a stagnant and trend-based musical climate, two of the Pacific Northwest’s more prolific chip musicians set out to create something entirely unique and thought-provoking that would challenge both the listener and the conventions of the modern EDM scene itself.

Thus was born Ultim8 Rave Classiqs, Vol. 1; A meticulously crafted tribute to the legends of the past and the possibilities of the future. Confining themselves to the limited sound palettes available to early electronic musicians, as well as the often raw, harsh nature of their IDM and black metal influences, both Spamtronand Plain Flavored have limited themselves for this recording to using a single Nintendo Game Boy each, utilizing Little Sound Disc Jockey to sequence the music.