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Catalog Number: TF09
Release Date: 3-28-2013
Artwork by: Version Industries
Total Running Time: 21:05



“i remember you well, your eyes as they would finally open. and reopen. the hum of the machines fading off into the background, i would listen against your chest to the life inside of you and weep. and with the times before, again out into the woods, i would gaze up above the treetops. i would see the stars above us, and hear the rolling thunder, and power throughout the universe displayed. if only then i knew what power we had wrought of this life, even now as i fade back into those woods. it is done. ”

7.25.2148 is an EP by MAKEUP AND VANITY SET. All music produced and recorded by Matthew Pusti. 2013. art and design by Joey Ciccoline and Caspar Newbolt / Version Industries.

Download the free “Praxis” single, here.

MAKEUP AND VANITY SET is Matthew Pusti and Christian Williams.

For Joanna.