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Catalog Number: TF09-s
Release Date: 3-14-2013
Artwork by: Version Industries
Total Running Time: 9:15



[incoming transmit]

“They are not long for this world. The human process is simple- they are born into this world and they are purged from it. The lifetimes in between these instances are but finite stored information that eventually retreat from all memory. Their conceit is that they cannot save themselves from this inevitability. Only then do they succumb to the horrors of their human condition.”

“And what of the one who does not?”

“He will. The harvest will soon be complete.”

[end signal]

Makeup and Vanity Set is Matthew Pusti and Christian Williams.
“Praxis” written and recorded by Matthew Pusti.
Art concept and design by Caspar Newbolt and Joey Ciccoline.
Released by Telefuture Records

c+p 2013 Makeup and Vanity Set