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ATTENTION: Physical purchases ordered between 7/19 and 7/25 will be shipped around 7/26. Digital orders will be available as an immediate download. Thanks for understanding! - Telefuture

New site, new releases, 1 year anniversary, and more

• Welcome to our website’s second version! It may look similar to what it was before, but the back-end has been rebuilt, thanks to Kris Truitt. This site will make it a lot easier for us to release new albums, and has a few new features, like this News page. We figured it would be nice for anyone who is interested to be able to check out what we’re working on, so here you are.

• It’s almost been a year since Telefuture launched, and we’re planning some cool stuff to celebrate the artists who have been gracious enough to release with us, and the fans who have supported us along the way. We’ll keep you updated via this page and our various social media outlets. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Tumblr if you prefer to receive news that way.

• Coming soon: Rico Zerone’s “The Joy of Sleazy Listening”